​       Mission Statement

WELCOME, the mission of the Iberia Homeless shelter is to maintain a clean and safe environment through the Shelter Emergency, Transitional and Re-entry Housing Programs which provides, community outreach services, client support services, intake, assessment and referrals for men 18 years and older.

Secondly, our program offers these individuals a therapeutic work environment which enables them to learn discipline, responsibility, and economic reality to prepare them to enter the community as productive citizens.

Positive life changes are encouraged through structured programs which focus on education, employment, life skills management and recovery from substance abuse. 

We are funded through public and private donations, churches, the United Way of Iberia, HUD, community groups, corporations, grants and foundations. 


Transitional and Emergency Program

The Iberia Homeless Shelter first opened its doors on March 16,2005 under the leadership of the minisrty association, and citizens within the community. The program has helped many men through the years attain full time employment and suitable permanent housing. The shelter performs out-reach services throughout the eight parish areas served by the Acadiana Regional Coalition on Homelessness (ARCH). Iberia Homeless Shelter, Inc. is a non profit 501 (C) agency governed by a Board of Directors.


Geographics Served










Go to www.archacadiana.org/coorinated-entry/


Re-Entry Program 

Clients sheltered and unsheltered, requesting the programs services that will help 

them become independent and self sufficient.

Rapid Re-housing

Individuals that are chronically homeless and meets HUD eligibility requirements.​

Homeless Prevention

Homeless persons that are at risk of losing their current housing and meet

HUD eligibility requirements.


Shelter Requirements

Men who are accepted to the emergency or transitional program must be willing

 to accept case management. Clients must follow the rules and regulations, be a​

non sex offender and have no diagnosed mental disabilities.